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Wilson, Kevin Superintendent
Karnei, Lisa Principal
Rohan, Stephanie Secretary
Saunders, Kimberly Business Manager

Brown, Dawn 5th - 6th Grade
Buch, Autumn 3rd Grade
Castillo, Randy Physical Education /History
Crawford, Annalisa 4th Grade
Dement, Angela Science
Denton, Samantha Pre-Kindergarten
Dolfo, Amanda Fifth - Seventh Math 6th Science
Eckhardt, Meliss Math
Gloor, Amber 1st Grade
Hobbs, Kelly English Language Arts
Karnei, Lisa Principal
Lee, Amy Special Ed
Tisdale, Gayle Counselor
Villa, Justin Social Studies
White, Sara Agriculture Science and FFA Advisor
Williams, Carlton Science/Coach
Williams, Rebecca Second Grade
Wilson, Kevin Superintendent
Wood, Nicholas Music/Band
Young, Katie Kindergarten

Castillo, Mary Food Service Director
Feldhousen, Loys Teacher Aide
Flores, Ramirez Teachers Aide
Garcia, Angie Food Service Assistant
Squires, Ron Technology
Stehling, Bettie Teacher Aide
Tisdale, Gayle Counselor
Wilson, Elizabeth Nurse